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Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB

Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB
Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB

Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB    Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB
Tribulus Terrestris Powder Extract 1000mg Premium Quality. RESTORES VIGOR, VITALITY, AND STAMINA.

Highest Potency of Standardized Tribulus Terrestris Extract. Minimum of 40% Saponins & 19% Protodioscin.

Testosterone levels increased, on average, threefold in the men. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) increased substantially in women. TRIBULUS RESTORES VIGOR, VITALITY, AND STAMINA. Tribulus Terrestris is a traditional Ayurvedic herb commonly known as the "puncture vine", has been used for centuries in Europe as a stimulant to help and possibly enhance sexual drive and performance as well as increasing muscle size and strength.

Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant in the family Zygophyllaceae, native to warm temperate and tropical regions of the Old World in southern Europe, southern Asia, throughout Africa, and Australia. Tribulus Terrestris claimed to increase the body's natural testosterone levels and thereby improve male sexual performance and help build muscle.

Body builders sometimes use it to restore testosterone levels in the body. It believed to be helpful for some cardiovascular conditions including angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anemia and poor circulation. It is used in Chinese medicine as a liver tonic, and for food poisoning and overeating. Tribulus is a ground-hugging thorn plant that bears fruit possessing sharp spines. It has been used for many centuries as a medicinal herb in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and for perhaps as long in Europe as well.

In the Chinese tradition, Tribulus has been of value for such problems as skin irritation, insufficient milk production, itchy eyes, and urinary-tract and reproductive-tract problems in both men and women. Also Tribulus uses as a libido tonic able to enhance sexual activity. Tribulus has a tonic reputation that has been verified in the lab by increased endurance. Tribulus has been shown to be a general stimulator, enhancing activity across a wide spectrum.

In addition to improving motor activity and muscle tone, it helps restore vigor, vitality, and stamina. It has also been shown to intensify protein synthesis, particularly in the liver, kidney, and heart tissue of animals, while it enhances energy metabolism. When Tribulus was coadministered with vitamins following surgery, the recovery processes were accelerated. Tribulus was found to improve the symptoms of angina pectoris. Tribulus terrestris is a supplement which can do many great things for you and your body.

It is commonly used as a libido enhancer for men and women. Additionally, it can be incorporated into post cylce therapy after using any kind of testosterone booster. Tribulus naturally balances out hormone levels in the body, which is the reason it is used as part of post cycle therapy.

Try it along with inhibit-E and milk thistle capsules for part of a solid post cycle regiment. The active ingredient in tribulus terrestris extract is PROTODIOSCIN, which is a natural precursor to the human sex hormone, testosterone. Several universities have done studies linking tribulus supplementation to balanced hormone levels in the body.

Tribulus terrestris can boost your circulatory system which will help your body pump important oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Tribulus may boost production of leutenizing hormone which is a regulator of testosterone, as well as one of many testosterone stimulators. Women are not excluded from the benefits of Tribulus.

Supplementation with tribulus can help fight impotence, in men and women! Tribulus helps this by balancing the bodies concentration of hormone levels. To ensure that our Formula contains best ingredients, we meticulously analyze every batch in our labs to guarantee the highest quality. Servings per container: 60 Tablets. DIRECTION: Serving Size: (1 capsule). CAUTION: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age.

Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Dug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Thanks a lot for your cooperation! Excellent product, excellent service from start to finish very satisfied. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements\Dietary Supplements".

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  1. Formulation: Capsule, Powder, Tablet
  2. Number of Pills: 60-90/bottle
  3. Main Purpose: Blood & Circulatory Health, Blood Formation, Blood Sugar Support, Bone & Joint Health, Brain & Nervous System Health, Cardiovascular Health, Cholesterol Support, Cleansing & Detoxification, Digestive Support, Energy Support, Eye Health, Fertility Support, General Wellness
  4. Nutrition Facts Label: Yes
  5. Active Ingredients: 5-HTP, Açaí Berry, African Mango, Algae, Aloe Vera, Alpha-Linolenic Acid
  6. Ingredients: 5-HTP, African Mango
  8. Type: Dietary Supplement
  9. Expiration Date: 10/2024
  10. UPC: 739862244757

Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB    Male Enlargement Pump Tribulus Terrestris Premium Quality (6 Bottles) SEB