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Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV

Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV

Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV    Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV

Rubber TOP, Rubber BASE, Color Base, Cover Base, Natural Base, Matte Top and Special Liquids. Correctly selected basecoat is the key to excellent gel polish wearability. Base for gel polish Lint Base Gel - a real find for owners of weak and brittle nails. The peculiarity of this novelty from KODI PROFESSIONAL is the presence of ultrathin silky microfibers in the composition, which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays, create on the nail plate a strong reinforcing mesh that prevents fragility of nails and the formation of flaws - scratches, chips and cracks.

The base is applied with a thin uniform layer in front of a color gel polish using the standard technology of a 3 phase gel polish system. Ideal for thin and flexible nails, it is recommended for strengthening and leveling nails. The product has excellent adhesive properties and, thanks to its consistency of optimum thickness, is easy to apply. It has a dispersion layer.

Not used for modeling artificial nails. Polymerization time: 36W UV lamp - 2 minutes; LED - 30 seconds. Removed by means of TipsOff. Rubber Base Gel BLACK 8ml.

Rubber Base gel Black - new KODI PROFESSIONAL. This is a well-known basis for the masters with rubber fibers in the composition, which ensures flawless wearability of the coating, but is rich in black pigments. The black base allows you to optimally camouflage the nail plate for the qualitative manifestation of the various effects of gel polishes, where a dark substrate is needed. Rubber Base gel Black has excellent adhesive properties. Thanks to the self-leveling texture, it perfectly corrects the irregularities of the nail plate, preparing it for gel polish.

Moderately viscous consistency ensures easy application without spreading. The base can be used as an independent coating and as a dark substrate for a gel polish with a translucent or radiant texture to achieve a brighter and more saturated effect. Prevents cracks, chips, delaminations, with the result that the coating is worn for a long time in immaculate condition.

It has a sticky layer. Recommendations for application: apply a thin layer.

Easily removed when using the special tool TipsOff. Release form: a bottle from black opaque glass, of 8 ml. Rubber Base Gel WHITE 8ml. KODI PROFESSIONAL is a long-awaited novelty that expands the color palette of professional bases for the implementation of gel-nail polish.

The best-proven rubber base under gel lacquer Rubber Base gel is now available in natural white. Rubber Base gel White, retaining all the properties characteristic of rubber bases, has a camouflage effect, can be used as a standalone coating, as well as a white base substrate under the gel varnish.

It is recommended for clients with uneven color and pronounced unevenness of the nail plate. It is characterized by a self-leveling texture, has a sticky layer. The base is easy to apply, does not spread, provides excellent adhesion to the natural nail plate and, as a result, a long period of wear without cracking and chipping.

Easily removed when using the special tool Tips Off. Camouflaged NATURAL RUBBER BASE 7ml. As a base gel when modeling artificial nails. For the alignment and strengthening of natural nails. As a basis for color coating.

Rubber topcoat gel varnish with a sticky layer. The recommended drying time Rubber Top UV lamp 36 W for 3 minutes. Rubber transparent basis for gel polish. Used as a base layer under the gel polish. Matte Top Coat 8 ml.

Liquid matte top coat gel, used as a coating of natural or artificial nails, and so designs. Liquid gel matte finish, used as a. Coating of natural or artificial nails, and so designs. Before the application recommended mix well. Covering the in two coats.

Dries in 36 Watt UV lamp for 2-3. Minutes, LED - 30-40 seconds. Matte Top Coat " Velour " 8 ml. The dense matte finish gel, when used as a coating of natural and artificial nails, as well as in design. Covering the in a single layer. Hardens in the UV lamp of 36 watts for 2 minutes, LED - 30-40 seconds. NO STICKY TOP COAT 8 ML. Finish gel without a sticky layer. Manufactured on the basis of methacrylic acid. Applied only to the natural nail in a small amount, not touching the skin around the nail before applying the artificial materials for nail. Does not harm the nail plate. Provides strong natural nail plate clutch with artificial material.

Ukrainian excellent product consisting of US components!! To create the best effect, we recommend that you: Make hygienic manicure nail polish lightly. Clean the nail with the help of special tools, Nail Fresher Kodi. Apply a special base coat - Rubber Base Gel Kodi (Apply a thin layer and dried in the UV lamp for 2 minutes). Apply a thin layer of colored coating (dry them in the lamp for 2 minutes).

Apply the top layer - Rubber Top Gel Kodi and dry in the lamp. Remove sticky layer with Cleanser. We have all products brand Kodi Professional! Perhaps the constant cooperation at wholesale prices! See my other Kodi items.

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Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV    Kodi Rubber Base, Top Matte 7, 12,14, 30, 35ml. Primer 10ml No Sticky Gel LED UV